Waddy Wachtel Band

Lee Thornburg and I were playing with Teresa James at the Tater Jam in North Carolina.  He said that we would have to get back to LA immediately after the gig so we could do a session for Waddy Wachtel at Capitol.  Being a huge fan of Waddy, I was in.  On the session I said to Waddy that I’d be lying if I didn’t mention being a huge fan and that I watched “Live at the Palladium” (Waddy with Keith Richards and his X-Pensive Winos) about a million times.  Waddy said, “then you’ll have to play with me!”  Lee and I were on the next gig at the Joint.  When Brett Tuggle had to miss a gig, Nina, his fan club president, told him I played a guitar.  Waddy asked if I could do it–I said yes, that I’d been playing guitar for years.  Waddy said, “then I will judge you most harshly.”   🙂

L-R.  Ron Dziubla, Waddy Wachtel, Phil Jones, Elliot Easton.  Bogies in Westlake Village, CA.  September 23, 2019.
Ron and Waddy at the Joint, Los Angeles, CA

Ron Dziubla on rhythm guitar with the Waddy Wachtel Band

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