RDG Egypt 2010

To quote my good friend Scrote, “In October of 2010, we traveled to Egypt to present the Egyptian people with the Instro Avant Saxophone Rock of Ron Dziubla.”  That we did–Ron Dziubla on saxophone, Scrote on guitar, Brett Simons on Bass, and Kevin Stevens on drums. Maria Muse made the trip, and so did Mark Tortorici–TORCH–after his unplanned stop in Paris.

A trip for a lifetime, as we fit a lifetime in a week.  We made friends with the Egyptian people, we cried to the drumming of Hany Morgan, and we partied every night on the Nile under the Egyptian moon.  We love you Egypt–you and all of your people are forever in our hearts and are a part of our soul.

RDG and Hany

REQUIEM, composed by Ron Dziubla, for all of Egypt.

IMG_0399 IMG_0366



RIP Torch.  Sure glad you made it.  Wish we had more to do.

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