Philly Mac!





Lying in the depths of Ron Dziubla’s hard drives were six lonely recordings. Six of Ron’s compositions featuring his tenor and baritone saxophone, and sometimes his keys and guitar. They were there for awhile. Ron finally asked his good friend Phil McArthur to come to the rescue and he did–off the tracks went through cyberspace from Hollywood, California to West Palm Beach, Florida for a serious mixing and mastering makeover. Featured on this EP is “Suavy Cito,” featuring Kid Ramos on guitar, Brent Harding on upright bass, and Stewart Jean on drums. “Don’t Do That” features the LA based rhythm section The Gimme 5’s: Rob Douglas on bass, Jason Borger on keyboards, and Derek Brown on drums. They’re joined by RJ Ronquillo on guitar. There’s a bit of a busted up New Orleans sound on “Pin Up Parade,” and that features Brett Simons on bass, Kevin Stevens on drums and percussion, and Eddie Baytos on piano. Ron’s playing guitar. “Mambo Nova” has Stewart on drums and Brent on upright, and Cole Ynda singing the syllables. “Tumbler” was recorded as an extra at Pete Curry’s Pow Wow Fun Room, and it has Pete on drums with Rob on bass and Ron on organ. Junior Watson stopped by later to record the guitar. Our title track, “Philly Mac!” features the same guys from “Don’t Do That,” as they take the EP out with a tune lasting almost seven minutes. Enjoy the tunes! Enjoy the mixes! And as you listen, imagine being on a major pop tour and staying up all night on a tour bus as it barrels through Europe as you drink all of the tour manager’s Czech beer! It was a blast! I mean it probably would be a blast! If two guys like Ron and Phil did that…you know, if they did…

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